Monday, October 27, 2008

Barack's soles

Here's my current favorite picture of Barack Obama. (Credit to Callie Johnson at Digital Journalist and hat tip to Fred Dobbs.)

The photo was taken in March 2008, probably about the time Sarah Palin was being vetted, and a couple of months before the Republican National Party dropped a cool $150,000 on her clothing, hair and makeup. In addition to the composition, the message resonates: this is a man who was built for walking, built for the long haul, and not afraid to take it on the road. This is a man who does his own work, comfortable in his own skin wherever he is. Incidentally, check out the surroundings. I don't know where in Providence, RI this was taken, but this room has the feel of real small business in America: unremarkable conference table, sturdy but basic chairs, a serviceable speakerphone, and a couple of waste paper baskets. This man is at home where most of us are at home: in modest surroundings, working hard and trying to make as good a life as we can for ourselves, our families, and those around us.

Plus, check out the upside-down copy of "Audacity of Hope." Excellent.

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